Money Fractions

Money Fractions


Choking Hazard

Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
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These Money Fractions make it easy for children to see the relative value of different coins in relationship to each other and to a dollar bill. It is visually evident that 4 quarters are equal (in length) to 1 dollar as is 10 dimes.

There are 35 wooden pieces carefully crafted with indentations on 4 fraction pieces to hold quarters, 10 pieces to hold dimes, 10 pieces to hold 20 nickels, and 10 pieces to hold 100 pennies. The reverse side from the indentation is etched with the numerical value of the piece. The dollar piece has an etching of a dollar bill on one side and $1.00 etched on the other side. Real money is not included with the wooden pieces.

Making Change: children see the transaction. Take this problem: a child goes to the store with $1.00, she buys a piece of candy for $.25. How much will she have left?

Ask the child to convert the $1.00 to 4 quarters and place the 4 quarters in the indentations on the wooden quarter pieces. She then removes one quarter to pay for the candy. Now she can see that she has 3 quarters left in their indentations as well as one indentation with no coin in it. This indentation allows the child to see the “footprint” of the absent/spent coin.