Color Your Own Blocks

Color Your Own Blocks
Color Your Own Blocks Color Your Own Blocks


Choking Hazard

Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
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This item includes 3 sets of 19 thin block pieces with which children can represent all the combinations making 10. (57 pieces in total).

These are thin, 1/4 inch thick, unpainted versions of the blocks 1 to 10. They can be colored with crayons, colored pencils, magic markers or painted. Although these blocks are flat, one of their sides includes markings in increments of 3/4 inch and can be used in place of the larger, 3/4-inch thick blocks. They can be used with all the other materials: the Counting Board, the 10-Box and the Number Track.

We suggest that the children color these blocks with the same sequence of colors that are used by Stern Math. See below for the colors that correspond to each length. If you use a different color scheme, keep in mind that it will be helpful if all the children in a class and/or school use the same scheme. Children use the colors to help them quickly identify the size block they are looking for. Crayola (TM) has a box of 16 crayons that includes all the colors we use below.

  • Green for 1-block
  • Red violet for 2-block
  • White for 3-block
  • Brown for 4-block
  • Yellow for 5-block
  • Orange for 6-block
  • Blue green for 7-block
  • Red for 8-block
  • Black for 9-block
  • Blue for 10-block

Note: 10-Box is sold separately, blocks come packed in a plain, white cardboard box. Blocks come plain and uncolored.