The 10-Box Pocket Guide for Teachers

The 10-Box Pocket Guide for Teachers
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This book is describes the best games from Experimenting With Numbers that may be played with the 10-tray or the Number Boxes.  This pocket-sized (5 by 4 inches) book is made out of sturdy cardstock and can be easily balanced on the teacher's knee as she teaches the game. The bottom pages contain a picture of the game and the top pages explain the lesson. Each book has 3 sections. Each section contains skills that are most appropriate for a designated age group.

  • Level I – Concrete: Nursery
  • Level II – Language: Pre-School 4's and 5's
  • Level III – Symbols: Kindergarten and First Grade

Note: The teacher considers a child's age, mastery of language and ability to think abstractly when choosing the level. If working with an older student, the teacher would begin at Level I and proceed quickly to the appropriate level.

As teachers play the games, inevitably students and teachers come up with new games. Please share them with us and we will update future editions.

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